To My Slave

Since meeting you I have used your body as my toy, the ability to do with it as I wish has brought a whole new light to my life. To know your devotion
as I take you beyond your limits proves to me your insatiable appetite to gratify my needs.
Laying contently at my feet I gaze upon your elegance. Your cock still firm and glistening from the indulgence you showed to my demanding pussy.
Even now I can vividly remember the first night I made you mine. The deserted beach our playground, a full moon hung in the sky, warm mist from the sea drifted through the air. A mystical concerto was created as the gentle sounds of the waves lapped at the beach.

The surprised look on your face as my hands eagerly worked towards removing your pants. Your cock growing hard as my fingers skillfully manipulated each button. Your need to control was so very apparent as you tried to pull my body into you.Women had begged at your feet, wanting nothing more than to feel the touch of your naked flesh next to theirs. My place would never be at your feet! And on that night you came to understand why kneeling in front of me was your place, why giving me pleasure was your need. On that night I had possessed your body your mind your soul. You had become mine.
The power that surged through me as I pushed you back from me, my body so in need of carnal gratification, like a hungry animal I wanted nothing more than to devour you.

Pulling you down, straddling your thighs, my hands began caressing your bare chest , the look of confused excitement in your eyes brought intense pleasure to me. Being so close to the heat from your body mixed with your delicious scent made the need to taste you overpowering. My nails dug into your strong shoulders as I pulled you closer and bit hard into your neck. Your taste leaving me wanting more, my warm tongue licking the scent from your body, I could feel your nipples growing hard as the wetness of my tongue toyed with them, circling them biting them bringing life to them. As my lips touched yours the moistened heat awakened the eagerness of my desires, nothing else existed in my world, just your body and what I needed from it. Your cock pressing hard against my body, telling me how much it needed me, wanted me.

Breaking away from you I stand, pulling my dress over my head, my long hair the only thing concealing my nakedness. My body aching to be touched, my nipples hard demanding recognition, I could not help but tease you with them. Your eyes filled with fascination as I squeezed and played with my tits, even now when I think back my body warms with the thoughts of how my fingers pinched and fondled my hard nipples, how heavenly it was to feel my soft breast as I massaged them rubbing them for my own delights. I had no mercy on you or what you wanted, nor did I care how much my teasing and tempting affected you. I thought only of myself and the pleasure I was feeling, you were nothing more to me than a toy, a means to an end.

My lust consumed me, I dropped to my knees, excited by my own scent, dominated by my own erotic obscenities, like a beast in heat I crawled to you.
You lifted your ass from the sand as I tugged at your pants, revealing the beauty of your nakedness, the warmth of your thighs beneath my hands as I eagerly explored your flesh. In front of me your cock stiff and waiting for my acknowledgment, I pushed your legs apart and brought your knees up granting me full access to all that I wanted. With a wicked smile on my face, I did nothing more than tease you as my finger lightly circled the tip of your all ready moistened cock, your balls so tight, the craving to taste them, to feel the fullness of them in my mouth this I had to have. Feasting upon them, licking your musky sweet taste from them, ravenously sucking on each one, the warm scent of your lust so thick as I indulged myself, spreading you wide, my tongue sought out and flickered down and around your ass, your cock so very hard for me as I stroked it, my grip growing tighter as the need to satisfy my burning lust grew ever stronger. Your moaning deep and urgent as you pushed yourself to me, the need for gratifications so very near.

I looked into your eyes as I reached for your hand, I could feel the grittiness of the sand clinging to my body as I shoved your fingers hard inside of me. The feeling consumed every nerve in my body as I used your hand as my own fucking toy, pushing down harder I could feel the wetness of my juices dripping down your hand, , the deep rhythmic movements of my hips bringing me to my own satisfaction, my nails deep in your flesh as my screams of pleasure broke the silence of the night. Taking your hand I licked my juices from it, with the taste of my cum still on my lips I leaned over and kissed you. Your lips warm, your tongue savoring my taste. I lowered myself on to your cock, the hardness filling me up, squeezing you tightly as I took you entirely in me. As I held on to your shoulders I began fucking you hard and wild, riding you with barbaric intensity. Our bodies melded together immersed in an erotic dance. Our guttural cries drifted away on the waves as our carnal demands were met. Releasing you from me I dropped backwards, the mixture of our juices running down my thighs into the sand.

To My Slave